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Freely admitted this is my home town - wander_free

Mar. 28th, 2010 06:46 pm Freely admitted this is my home town

Tarleton cancels play with gay Christ

Synopsis: A student chooses to present a play with a gay Christ for a class project in directing. It would only be seen by other students, a class presentation if you will and not by the public at large, but it was still 'controversial' enough that the teacher canceled the performance. (As an aside, in an interview the student who chose the play admits to being both gay and a Christian and says he does not believe in a god who hates him. Just let me say, outing himself like that takes guts. Everyone knows he's gay now.)

I don't really have much to add just that...yes this is my hometown and this is actually fairly mild for them. When I was in high school, a really great teacher was fired for being an atheist while a Baptist preacher who taught creationism was one of the most popular teachers on campus. When the courts decided that schools couldn't pray before football games, the Can Fans (the football boosters, long story about the cans) arranged for a private organization to bring in equipment so they could have a 'private prayer' before the game and a local print shop made a good bit of money printing t-shirts that read 'I pray before I play'.

That was all in the late 90s, but in more recent news, a student petitioned to start a GSA (gay-student alliance) at the local high school and was turned down and ostracized but there are several 'christian' organizations that are welcome with open arms, including the 'Fellowship of Christian Athletes' whose actions, I can tell you from experience, are little more than an organized bullying. That whole 'prayer at the pole' thing is a big deal, they even delay classes a bit to make sure people can attend. A friend told me that a queer group at Tarleton has been targeted a couple times and when they tried to enter a float in the parade, they were turned down.

It's all very mild on the whole, nothing to really make the news or even raise eyebrows, only this is the reality for hundreds of thousands of queer and non-christian youth and adults all over the country. A very slow, systematic, daily grinding of your nose into the reality that you are not welcome, all done in such a way that you can't really complain because too many people don't see how devastating it is to be constantly othered and pushed aside in such a myriad of petty ways.

We are overreacting, we are too sensitive, we expect to be given the freedom of speech but don't respect other people's freedom of speech.

We've heard it all a thousand times before and what really sucks is that many people, both queer and straight, both christian and nonbeliever, believe it's true.

I can't complain because I'm just overreacting. They have a right to say that stuff, I can't be offended by it. If I get angry, they will only laugh and say they were right all the time, that all queers and atheists are angry.

I call bullshit. I'm tired of the 'i have a right to discriminate against you because my holy books says so'. I can be angry if I damn well please and it does not make me a bad person.

I feel for the kid in the article and yes, part of me is angry that he is rolling over and letting them get away with it. If he wanted to protest it, I would be right there with him...even though he is a Christian.

At least he doesn't believe in a god that hates queers.

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