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poor Dad, he' s so high maintanence - wander_free

Mar. 26th, 2010 08:38 pm poor Dad, he' s so high maintanence

Dad wears this jumpsuit things, has for years. They are as much 'dad' as overalls and a cane were my great-grandfather. I guess as much as my temple braids and tunics are 'me'.

Every couple of weeks, he comes around with one of the jumpsuits for me to fix it. Sew up the hole ripped in the butt, repair the zipper, put a patch over the hole he ripped over the knees or waist or sleeve. He has one suit that is little more than patches and thread, I keep telling him that the next time he brings that one over, I'm going to start patching it in purple.

So, it's been a long, boring week, but today I was away from just before dawn to nearly dusk. About an hour after I finally came in, Dad comes banging on the door with jumpsuit in hand. He tells me that he has been planning on bringing it over all week and finally tossed it in the truck this morning...only to get over here and find out I was gone. Poor Dad, lol.

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